The Carroll Soil Conservation District is located at 698J Corporate Center Court in Westminster, MD. Our phone number is 410-848-8200 ext. 3 and our fax number is 410-848-8258. We are located in the Carroll County Commerce Center which is close to the Carroll County Airport.

The Carroll Soil Conservation District serves all of Carroll Countyan area encompassing roughly 300,000 acreswith comprehensive soil and water conservation services. Approximately 30,000 acres of county land are committed to residential development, while 173,000 acres are classified as agricultural. Carroll County is one of the leading agricultural regions in Maryland. Large numbers of livestock are maintained in the district, including poultry, dairy and beef cattle, horses, hogs and sheep.

The cumulative impact of agricultural runoff, urban erosion and increased population has raised concerns about water quality in the county. To address these concerns, the district provides technical assistance to the agricultural community, reviews and approves erosion and sediment control plans for construction activities, and promotes the use of best management practices (BMPs) to protect water quality.


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