COVER CROP: A small grain or legume crop planted in the fall to recover unused plant nutrients from the root zone, control soil erosion and improve the soil.

CRITICAL AREA PLANTING: Planting grass or other vegetation to protect severly eroding area from soil erosion.

PASTURE PLANTING: Planting grasses or legumes to improve forage production, improve livestock nutrition, protect the soil from erosion and improve water quality.

RIPARIAN BUFFERS: Trees, shrubs or grasses planted next to waterways including rivers, streams and drainage ditches filter runoff, improve water quality, protect the soil from erosion and provide wildlife habitat.

WINDBREAKS FOR POULTRY HOUSES: Trees and shrubs planted near poultry houses improve air quality, create visual screens, protect against winter winds and provide shade.



DEAD BIRD COMPOSTING FACILITY: A roofed structure designed for composting the normal daily accumulation of dead birds from a poultry operation.

DIVERSION: A long earthen embankment built across the slope to direct runoff water from a specific area.

GRADE CONTROL STRUCTURE: Earthen, wooden, concrete or other structure built across a drainageway or gully to control and reduce water flow.

GRASSED WATERWAY: Shaping and establishing grass in a natural drainageway to prevent gullies from forming and control soil erosion.

HEAVY USE AREA PROTECTION: Stabilizing areas that are disturbed because of frequent and intensive use by livestock or farm equipment.

LIVESTOCK WATERING SYSTEM: A system of troughs and water lines to provide livestock with water from a spring, pond, well or other source.

MANURE STORAGE STRUCTURE: These structures are used to store manure produced by poultry or livestock until conditions are right for field application or transport can be arranged.

ROOF RUNOFF SYSTEM: A system for collecting, controlling and disposing of runoff water from non-residential farm buildings.

STREAM PROTECTION Protecting a stream by excluding livestock, stabilizing the stream channel and establishing vegetative buffer zones.

TERRACE An earthen ridge around a hillside that stops water flow and stores or guides water safely off a field.

WATER CONTROL STRUCTURE A structure in a water management system or drainage channel that conveys water, controls the direction or rate of flow, maintains a desired water surface elevation or measures water.

WETLAND RESTORATION Restoring the water and plant community in a former or degraded wetland to improve water quality and provide wildlife habitat.