The Board of Supervisors & Staff Of

The Carroll Soil Conservation District

Board Members:
Myron Frock - Chairman
Greg Dell - Vice Chairman
Donald Maring - Treasurer
Chris Weaver - Member
Stacy Sellers - Member
Lawrence Meeks - Associate Supervisor
Mike Nelson - Associate Supervisor

Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA):
Charles Null, Jr. - District Manager
Terry Coblentz - Engineering Technician
Melissa Edmonds - Soil Conservation Technician
Matthew McMahon - Soil Conservation Planner
Noah Schaeffer - Soil Conservation Technician

Conservation District:
Eric Hoff - Soil Conservation Planner
Sara Nash - Soil Conservation Technician
Stan Pennington - Soil Conservation Planner
Heather Schoppert - Secretary
Bryan Snyder - Sediment Control Planner
Gay Teada - Grants Coordinator
Michael Tracey - Soil Conservation Planner

Natural Resources Conservation District (NRCS):
Eric Hines - District Conservationist
Lori Ashbaugh - Soil Conservation Technician
Jennifer Kemp - Soil Conservation Planner